Imperfect Criticism of a Nearly Perfect Game—The Last of Us!

Today’s topic: The single best reason to own a Playstation 3: The Last of Us.


So The Last of Us is pretty phenomenally great. (I hope the sequel equals or surpasses it. It’s pretty much the only thing that’d convince me to get a PS4.) But it isn’t perfect.

Then again, neither is criticism of it. That’s right! It’s time for…

“Everything Wrong With “Everything Wrong With The Last of Us.“”

This is a good video—he’s right, that this gaming sins guy has been pretty lazy in his criticism (as has Cinema Sins Jeremy, in some cases). What I find most interesting, though, is that this is only his THIRD video.

For a guy who hates Cinema Sins as much as he does, he’s only been able to make three anti-Cinema Sins videos, and one of them wasn’t even about Cinema Sins! It makes me think that many of the Cinema Sins videos aren’t as thoroughly terrible as he might probably wish. (Though some, of course, are.) Worth thinking about, at any rate.

3 thoughts on “Imperfect Criticism of a Nearly Perfect Game—The Last of Us!”

  1. I say again, get a PS4 for the Dark Souls series and play with us. I’m playing through DS3 again, and I’m having the most amazing gaming ever. Especially with the Seed of a Giant Tree that have been added to the online component. Greatest addition to the series, ever.

  2. I’ve tried Dark Souls, and while it’s a very well done game that succeeds admirably at its design goals, it’s just not my kind of game. I didn’t enjoy playing it, though I can respect the quality of the work that went into it.

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