Marvel’s Movie Music: Why So Awful?

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that, musically speaking, the Marvel movie landscape comes across as a little, well, bland. Where are the great themes of the past, the Indiana Jones Theme, the Imperial Death March, the Harry Potter Theme?

YouTuber Tony Zhou has a theory…

Sounds good, right? Very convincing. Unfortunately, it got some basic facts about Hollywood movie music practices wrong. Dan Golding decided to set the record straight.

Like much of Hollywood, it’s music is lazy and self-referential. Without knowledge of, and influence from, outside sources, it’s become homogenized and redigested pap. Now that I believe.

3 thoughts on “Marvel’s Movie Music: Why So Awful?”

  1. The avengers theme is kind of memorable I do think.

    First: Dan ended up talking past Tony at the beginning, because as we watch him, he has to EDIT a temp track for star wars (which was cool, I’ll give him that). Tony’s temp demonstrations involved no editing that I can tell (see also: the followup video) and yet the musics sound even more alike than the temp track Dan created.

    Second: I’m having trouble seeing where the two disagree at all (much less that Tony got some basic facts wrong – more like he apparently implied a few things people misunderstood). Dan says “temp tracks aren’t unique to the Marvel cinematic universe” but Tony never said they were. In fact, during both videos, Tony uses only 1 (IIRC) Marvel movie temp demonstration. Then Dan goes on to say “the problem is technology” when Tony flat out stated in his video “because of non-linear editing…” It seems more like Tony has the intro to the topic, and Dan has the greater detail.

    Think we can get Tony & Dan to sit down and do a discussion on it in more depth? THAT would be informative I think.

    Oh and because I’m such a pedantic geek. Hans also did the music for ASM 2, which I think ends up sounding far more fitting for a superman soundtrack than Spidey. (which would make the 2nd time that’s happened)

  2. I like Tony’s videos but I’m not sure he’s 100% right on his basic topic proposal.
    The Marvel movies do not have iconic movie themes, what they have is incidental music that serves the mood of the scene. The Captain America soundtracks are particularly nice. Iconic themes are wonderful and I love them but they also draw attention to themselves. The music Marvel is using is invisible, like their CGI work. Nothing is supposed to get between the audience and the characters.

    Dunno if it’s a good idea or bad but it seems to be deliberate and it’s not harming the Marvel movies, obviously.

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