So, Stargate Wasn’t Perfect. Who Cares?

No, Stargate wasn’t perfect. And by Stargate, I mean the original movie.

That’s the one.

It had plot holes a million miles wide, but it was still fast-paced, fun, and entertaining. But what were some of the holes? TO THE VIDEO!

Ah heck, even though I liked Stargate, the video is funny anyway.

One thought on “So, Stargate Wasn’t Perfect. Who Cares?”

  1. Stargate one made of awesome with a side of awesome sauce and epic sprinkles on top.

    On P after you want to make fun of Stargate universe: be my guest. That one sucked hard vacuum. The only reason I watched for as long as I did, was because someone hired Hamish Macbeth for one of the parts.

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