The Okay Blade, the Great Blade, and the Bad Blade!

The second Blade movie was INCREDIBLE. The third was so awful it should be shot, burned, buried, and forgotten forever. The first… well, the first.


It was only okay. TO THE VIDEO!

Yeah, pretty much that. I mean, some of those are nitpicky, but you expect that with the “Everything Wrong With” series. But most are pretty spot on. If it weren’t for Snipe’s attitude and performance, the movie would be wholly unwatchable. As it is, it’s just okay.

But Blade II, now… that’s just awesome.

2 thoughts on “The Okay Blade, the Great Blade, and the Bad Blade!”

  1. The series was better. Snipes would wade into gods and *maybe* get his sunglasses knocked askew. Sticky would get the crap beat out him by random encounters. So when he won, it felt like an accomplishment.

  2. I feel the first blade movie is a little better than “okay” Its at least “Pretty good” It loses some shine when compared to 2, which was fantastic.

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