Super Soviet Super Hero Squad: Guardians!

So, the Russians have made a home grown Avengers-style movie, entitled Guardians, and here’s the English-language trailer!

If it weren’t for all the blatant nostalgia for a mass-murdering dictatorship as evil and murderous as the Nazis, I might even be excited.

I’ll still see it, but the propaganda angle will make it a lot more annoying than it otherwise would have had to be. Then again, most American movies are thinly veiled propaganda for commie politics as well, so maybe I wouldn’t notice anything anyway!

3 thoughts on “Super Soviet Super Hero Squad: Guardians!”

  1. Its not Hollywood “slick” and looks a bit rough around the edges, and its blatant propaganda – but it still looks a million times better than Ghostbusters 2016, so….yeah, could be fun!

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