Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!

The last… before the last of the reboot, that is…


Some people like to sneer, because the RE series is nothing more than fun, fast-paced zombie killing action flicks. “Screw them!”, I say. That’s why I love the movies—what more could you ask for?


Back to Raccoon City, back to the Hive, back to the Red Queen. Alright. Alright, alright, alright.

Looks like January will be a good month.

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!”

  1. “final chapter” – didn’t Friday the 13th and Nightmare also have final chapters in the middle of their franchises? ;)

    I like RLM’s 2 part review of the series and think they were pretty spot on (it’s schlock but very fun schlock). It’s weird to think that by some considerations, the RE movies are nowadays more comic-book(y) movies than actual comic book movies.

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