All About The Xbox One S!

I’m not totally sold, after all the supasekrit PROJECT SCORPIO is coming in just two years, so buying a new Xbox One in two weeks seems like a dumb move. Then again, Scorpio WON’T play your 360 games, and the XB-1S WILL do that (some of that, at least), plus 4k gaming, so it might be a better investment in any case.

It’s $299 for the 500 GB version, which seems stupid, except I have a 6 TB external all my games are installed on anyway, so a 2 TB internal for an extra $100 is a WASTE OF MONEY.

Then again, consoles seem to be dying as a thing, so spending any money on console-specific games and peripherals may be just pouring money down a hole. (As for that, see the video.)

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