Viet Kong: Skull Island!

Here’s how the pitch went: “He’s called King Kong. But what if it were, like, VIET King Kong?”

Tell me I’m wrong…

I’m not saying this will be a bad movie. Far from it. I’m saying this will be Apocalypse Now, but with a giant ape and dinosaurs.


The Vietnam Era setting could be very cool, but the last thing I need is another preachy anti-Vietnam War movie, especially in the cool “Giant Ape goes ape” genre.

I hope I’m wrong. I’d LOVE to be wrong. But let’s face it, the only recent movie set in that time period that DIDN’T feature an anti-American anti-war message was Tropic Thunder, and that really doesn’t even count.

(Also, the chick in the trailer is Brie Larsen, who is also going to be Captain Marvel in an upcoming Marvel flick, so look forward to that.)

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