King Arthur: Dat Thug Lyfe!

The latest from Guy Ritchie, who brought you the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes film.

Dryads, Oliphaunts, evil witches, evil magicians, what might be Arawn, Welsh god of the dead, a street thug king—surely, the most true-to-the-legends retelling of the King Arthur tale. But who cares, really? It looks potentially awesome, and I can’t wait to see it.


4 thoughts on “King Arthur: Dat Thug Lyfe!”

  1. Really? I may have to give it another listen as I wasn’t sold the first time.

    I don’t know. At first I wondered if this would be the live Disney “Sword in the Stone” (fun game, see how often it matches up with Aladin – one is almost a remake of the other) which would have been hilarious then. Straight adaptation? Dunno, there’s almost too much ‘modern’ to it.

  2. Ok, it looks cool, and it’s probably a decent movie.

    But, just once, I’d like a King Arthur movie actual set in the close to real RomanoBriton / Saxon interregnum. Where the Saxons are not entirely bad, the Roman-Briton’s are not only pure good guys, and where some of real historical politics, tactics, and economics matter.

    Seriously, the real historical record of “arthurian” times is pretty damned dramatic , add a couple of FX scenes and some light legendary stuff and you could have a great movie – without over-the-top FX, without late medieval a-historical overlay.

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