That’s right, Warner Brothers debuted three trailers for upcoming DC Comics movies at the just-completed San Diego ComicCon. And, shock of all shocks, they don’t look like absolute garbage.

Let’s start with the best looking one: Suicide Squad!

And now, second most awesome, Wonder Woman!

Last, but surprisingly good looking (maybe, as one wag suggested, because no Superman murder) is The Justice League!

This last trailer especially points up something profound: just ’cause they screwed up the first two movies, doesn’t mean they have to keep screwing all of them up.

I mean, they probably will, because DC and Warners, but they don’t HAVE to.

I’m looking forward to most of these, and I genuinely hope they’re all great movies.

One thought on “DC SDCC Trio!”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA, Captain Kirk, the son of Thor, is Wonder Woman’s lover. That’s it everybody. Shut down the internet, close culture, it’s time to summon Jesus, we can’t do any better, we have obtained peek Geek. By Trek is DC and Marvel brought together and we can have world peace.

    *gets whisper in ear*

    Oh right, we still have the Star Wars fandom. Ok everyone, cancel the end of the world. We’ve got one more year to connect Star Wars into the great unity. We still haven’t revealed Rey’s parents so that’s where we need to strike, people. Maybe let’s get Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johassen on the phone? No? I’m open to ideas we just need to get this right so we can shut down Earth on a high note.

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