Stranger Things: Another Netflix Originals Grand Slam!

Netflix has really been showcasing some incredible movies and shows on its Netflix Originals, proving once again that Hollywood made a huge mistake trying to drive them out of business. Daredevil, especially Season 2, was an unqualified success, and now there’s Stranger Things.

Stranger Things
Take one part Stephen King, one part Steven Spielberg, mix well…

A loving ode to 80’s Horror Thrillers—not SLASHER FLICKS, but actual HORROR—Stranger Things packs more chills and suspense into its opening scene than most series pack into their entire run. Add to that well-drawn characters who seem relatable (many of whom conceal surprising depths) and tight plotting that seems logical yet somehow manages to surprise you, and you’ve got a formula for a damn good series.

I watched all eight episodes over the last few days, and it was time well spent. Whether you, like myself, binge-watch the series, or whether you consume the episodes at a more leisurely pace, Stranger Things is sure to please.

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