Dis Guy Dotes on Deadpool!

The polar opposite of CinemaSins, I haven’t linked to this guy before because one, he very frequently says non-obvious things are groovy or supergroovy without explaining why, two he often praises things that are actual problems and mistakes, and three, he’s wetter than a bag of pre-moistened sponges at the bottom of the sea.

This video, at least, was not as cloying as his usual efforts. It is, in fact, the best one of his I’ve ever seen. So be forewarned: it’s all downhill after this one…

Well, that’s some of the good (and bad) stuff about Deadpool. So if you love the movie…

I Love You Wade Wilson
And who doesn’t?

…hopefully this helped you realize some of the reasons why.

(Also, pay attention to the warning at the front of the video. Trust me, he’s not exaggerating.)

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