Would You Kindly Check Out This Bioshock Post?

Oh yes, it’s coming. All three games are coming for Xbox 1 and PS4 in September, along with all the DLC ever released for them.

I’m excited—Bioshock is one of my favorite games, and Bioshock 2 has even better gameplay (if a slightly weaker story). Bioshock Infinite had its problems (that’s a great post, you should read it, but beware spoilers), but was still a fun play.


Well, at $60, this is pretty much a no-brainer purchase for me. I love me some Bioshock, and i’m looking forward to playing it again.

If you want more information on the set, check out the article At The Link!

2 thoughts on “Would You Kindly Check Out This Bioshock Post?”

  1. I’ll probably be snagging this in a couple years near the end of the XBone’s life-cycle. I really liked the first Bioshock, particularly all of the physics toys (which were sadly missing in Infinite).

    As obnoxious as Infinite’s pointless subversions, strange double-think and gross misunderstanding of the southern progressive movement and lost cause culture was, it’s hard to deny that Elizabeth was probably the best implemented AI game companion ever made and kind of made it worthwhile, if only to dream about what could potentially be.

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