Marvelous Movies That Must Be Loved?

Now that we’re through with all the movies that really, really sucked, we come to moves that some people think didn’t suck, but many people do. Here’s ten of them!

(NSFW for some stupid and pointless kinda-sorta nakedity at the beginning, which almost caused me to bin it. You’ll see why I didn’t in a few minutes.)

Frankly, watching the list, the author seems biased in favor of “dark” and “edgy” movies, which are not—as a general rule, there are exceptions—very good. So most of their picks are misses, for me. There is one that is FAB-U-LOUS, however:

It has KEITH DAVID. You have to like it. It’s like a law or something.

Oh, yeah.

Though, they should also have included Alien Nation. (The movie, not the TV series.) A buddy-cop thriller starring Mandy Patinkin and James Caan, it’s a what-if about aliens crash landing on Earth, and being given refuge in LA by President Reagan. It’s a sci-fi thriller that’s well above average, and definitely underrated.

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