Movies Of The ’80’s That Really, Really, Sucked!

How bad are they? Star Trek V is only NUMBER TEN. It gets worse from there.

Some notes: Howling 2, wasn’t actually Howling 2. It was originally a completely different movie. Low budget, and very, very bad.

Plus, SCREW YOU ASSHOLES FOR NAMING MAXIMUM OVERDIVE! That movie is low budget, but it’s by no means bad.

It’s like a zombie movie, but with machines.

I know from bad, and Maximum Overdrive ain’t it.

5 thoughts on “Movies Of The ’80’s That Really, Really, Sucked!”

  1. I’ll have to give Maximum Overdrive another look, I remember it being pretty bad. Then again, I liked Grease2 and Howard the Duck. Hard to believe that Howard was Marvels first theatrical movie.

  2. Max Overdrive is a good, low budget horror flick. If you like horror, and are okay with low production values, it’s great. And it has some good mid level actors in it, incl Emilio Estevez.

  3. OMG, you’re a fellow Jabootu acolyte??

    This is me, giving you a fistbump and the secret handshake across the internet. I knew u were cool daddy-O-warpig but I didn’t know you were THAT cool.

  4. lol man, I feel like I should call myself “Uncle Warpig” now since we’re such old bros of the internet. ;)

    Tell me you knew of the golden days of grudge match.

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