Finding Nemo: “Damn! Where’s That Kid?”

So, Finding Dory is coming out, and it’ll be bad. Not Cars 2 bad, more like Monster’s University bad.

So lets celebrate the superior original with an Honest Trailer!

That’s the good stuff, flaws and all. Most of the early Pixar’s were.



2 thoughts on “Finding Nemo: “Damn! Where’s That Kid?””

  1. Dory was the worst part of the first movie. I am still bitter that some of Tron 3’s potential budget might have gone to a sequel with her at the core. Stupid Disney.

  2. Eh. I like Monster’s University, apart from the storytelling failure of making the leads strangers instead of childhood friends.

    Cars 2 was poo, frankly Cars 1 was, except for Paul Newman. I expect Finding Dory to be equally bad.

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