Zootopia: The Furry Zombie Apocalypse!

I just watched it for the first time today, all so that I could be prepared to show this… HONEST TRAILER!

Okay, not quite APOCALYPSE. But it definitely borrows tropes from the genre. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

And if you haven’t—Watch It! It’s alright.


2 thoughts on “Zootopia: The Furry Zombie Apocalypse!”

  1. My wife and kids like it. I haven’t seen it yet. I will at some point, but I’m not looking forward to the mishmash of preaching about tolerance infused with the confusion inherent in using stereotypes to say stereotypes are wrong. I understand the characters carry the appeal… and I wish more movies would just let that happen instead of angle for the Message.

  2. OK, watched it. Nick and Judy are great characters in a reasonably entertaining buddy-cop-rom-com story. Should have let them just shine instead of chasing down the hamfisted racism allegories. There are several things in this “animal utopia” that they didn’t really think through, and others that they glossed over in order to ride their political hobby horse. No surprise, but it bugs me because they could have told a great story but had to elbow it out of the way to get their preaching in.

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