5 thoughts on “Batman: The Animated Series—All About The Landmark Show”

  1. It really is one of the very best incarnations of Batman. For a long time it was my very favorite. Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are right up there with it now, but this show STILL holds up to even those.

  2. Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are right up there, but TAS *STILL* holds up even against those juggernauts. The show really is that good, and so is its Batman.

  3. I’m still rather fond of “The Batman” animated series, too. It was a different animal, especially after the second season when it went more “campy”, but it had a good take on the characters and world.

    …that said, “Batman: The Animated Series” is still better, and indeed, a classic. My BFA is in computer animation, but I have a deep seated love for traditional animation as well, and B:TAS is a fantastic series to study as a student of the art.

    And yes, Conroy and Hamill made their mark on their characters so indelibly that nobody else sounds quite right. Serviceable, but not *right*.

  4. Mask of the Phantasm is still the best Batman movie.

    But I think the Brave & the Bold doesn’t get enough credit as a great series in its own right.

  5. I’m with Russel, BAS got so much right, I consider it the definitive Batman. Smart, brave, cat-quick and powerful. It was the portrayal that really hammered home that fact that Bruce Wayne is the disguise, Batman is who he really is.

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