Fully Fantabulous Fallout 4 Mods!

It may not be the first time it’s ever happened, but it is nontheless a rare option: the console edition of Fallout 4 now allows you to download and install community-made mods!

Here’s some good’uns.

Lets be honest: most of those mods are silly, not useful. If, instead, you want a mod whose utility is so great, it cannot be measured using scientific instruments common to THIS plane of existence, download the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. Bethesda games are hella buggy, and the Unofficial Patch addresses all those annoyances Bethesda will never, EVER get around to fixing.

There’s also “Full Dialogue Interface”. You know how Fallout 4 only gives you a vague idea about what your character will say as a result of your dialogue choices? Well, “Full Dialogue” lists every word, so you know EXACTLY what kind of insult “Sarcastic” will make your guy utter. It’s the way the game should have been from the start.

Those first two are, literally, MUST haves. (Assuming you’ve already earned all the Achievements, and so are playing the game through a second time.) Last one I want to mention: “Atomic Radio”, a mod so cool, imma let the modder himself describe it.

A Pre-War radio station that features lore-specific commercials, plays, and music from before the bombs fell. You’ll hear advertisements for products like Sugar Bombs, Cram, and the Radiation King, as well as movie trailers for Grognak the Barbarian and PSAs about the danger of atomic radiation, drugs and hanky panky out of wedlock.

Yeah, it’s cool. I’ve listened to three different short radio plays (my favorite was the not-The Twilight Zone one), lots of fun commercials, and game-appropriate music. Very atmospheric and entertaining.

Mods are awesome, I only wish more games enabled them. (Looking at you, Grand Theft Auto V.) Even if some of them are silly.


Okay, REALLY silly.

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