Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Pretentious Drek!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is pretentious, ham-fisted drek. I said everything I needed to say about Gene Roddenberry’s misbegotten space opus in my rewatch review here (read it, it’s quite well done), but I’m not the only one with an opinion.

Barring some of his typical “just not paying attention” quibbles, he’s mostly correct. It is long and boring, and for just the cited reason: 2001. Roddenberry seems to want his outing to be as operatic and landmark a movie as Kubrick’s space yarn, but the material just won’t support such a tale, instead it comes of as portentous and pretentious.

Plus, the uniforms.

The 70’s: Ugly Everywhere

I mean, basically everything about the interior of the ship is ugly, but the uniforms (complete with belly boxes of unknown function)…


2 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture—Pretentious Drek!”

  1. As it turns out, that beauty shot is all about Kirk, coming back to “his” ship and seeing her again. It’s meant to be a visual depiction of the guy’s emotional reaction.

    And since my dad, who was an admiral, who had left behind ship command, and had HIS ship (that he felt about the same way that Kirk felt about the enterprise) was blown away… Even I got it, second hand. So… Yep. they nailed it. The fact that no-one in the audience had any kind of reference… well. Them’s the breaks. Sometimes stupider is better. (Also, Admiral is the next rank up from captain. So yeah, five years spent saving the fricking universe, starfleet and everyone might get you a promotion.

    That said, the movie was slow, ugly, and a really stupid recycle of the NOMAD story.

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