The Animated X-Men REALLY Kick Ass!

You remember X-Men? Sure you do. That opening scene, in a CONCENTRATION CAMP of all places? Taking Jews to the death camps, fighting with a kid, bending of the gate? You remember that, it was a landmark movie.

16 years old. SIXTEEN YEARS OLD.

So, just in time for the 5th sequel (assuming you ignore all the Wolverines, which I do, and Deadpool, which I am), we have an Honest Trailer for something EVEN OLDER:

The X-Men Animated Series.

Now, I never watched the show. In fact, I don’t recall even hearing about it at the time. But it looks like it was quite cool. Looking back, I wish I’d watched it.



And, of course, in two days we have X-Men Apocalypse.


Time to repeat the Fan Mantra:

Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.

Please don’t suck.

4 thoughts on “The Animated X-Men REALLY Kick Ass!”

  1. I really loved the show. It wasn’t perfect, and the harsh shadows were weird, if comic-y… but yeah, it hit the spot pretty well. X-Men Evolution (some years later) was a step up in animation quality, but it didn’t quite have the right feel. Ditto for Wolverine and the X-Men some years after that. I liked those two, but the 90s one is still my favorite.

  2. Honest Trailers is not wrong: the Japanese theme is amazing. Just listen to this bad boy:


  3. I was a big fan of the original cartoon…except Storm. Man, she was annoying. They managed to stay pretty true to the comics, better than the current Marvel comics, that’s for sure. Animation was a little crude at times but the writing was pretty good and writing > animation.

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