Cinema Sins Takes It on the Chin for Age of Ultron!

Man, this guy HATES Cinema Sins. Unfortunately for one of my YouTube mainstays, he’s mostly right.

As for his ending rant: Cinema Sins is no more and no less than entertainment. Sometimes good criticism, sometimes lazy criticism, sometimes stupid running gags, but always presented as entertainment, hence the counter, sound effects, and so forth.

They make mistakes. A lot. Then again, so did you. It’s not worth getting legitimately upset about. But it IS worth making these videos, because despite your mistakes, I find them entertaining.


Not as entertaining as Age of Ultron itself (and you’re TOTALLY wrong about the name thing: “Age” does usually denote a significant length of time, decades or longer, not “how old Ultron is”), but still pretty entertaining. Keep it up!

4 thoughts on “Cinema Sins Takes It on the Chin for Age of Ultron!”

  1. You’re right about the meaning of “age”. People throw around a lot of dumb criticisms of the title. It was obviously meant to refer to Ultron’s PLAN – what he intended to do if he succeeded is usher in an “Age of Ultron”, hence the title.

    The movie was about the prevention of this plan, hence the name.

  2. Nice video. A lot of people have been overly nitpicky about Age of Ultron. It wasn’t a perfect movie or anything, but it did get a lot of unnecessary hate.

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