Top 10 Movies EVERYBODY Loves!


Full Disclosure: I don’t like Wall•E. I found it pretentious, preachy, and boring. I get why people do like it, it’s cute as hell—a cute-as-hell piece of feel-good propaganda. (The video even hints at that.)

OTOH, I don’t want to meet the person who hates the following flick.


#SaveFerris—because how could you live without him?

(Also, Jaws and Goodfellas are legitimate cinematic masterpieces, absolutely incredible movies the both of them.)

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Movies EVERYBODY Loves!”

  1. I love Wall-E while it focuses on how the little guy manages in the mostly-dead world. Something of that “last man on earth is a robot” that hits the right note. He’s determined and almost cheerful in his role, quite a difference from, say, Will Smith’s “last man in New York” of Legend who has flashes of optimism, but is mostly just determined and numb, on the edge of breaking. I like that Wall-E maintains his good spirits and innocent optimism while everything around him is falling apart.

    The Garbagepocalypse is preachy, but I can see it as possible, so I don’t sweat it. The movie falls apart when the humans show up, though. If it were just Wall-E and EVE for the duration, plunking about on a forgotten world, I’d like the show a *lot* more. The humans lay on The Messages far too thick, and the show as a whole is bogged down in the morass of shamecasting and mockery with the veneer of humor. It reminds me of a Jon Stewart or Colbert, mugging for the kids with lame jokes while being as snide and preachy as possible out of the other side of their mouth.

  2. I like WALL*E, but I think a better choice would have been Up. Some people don’t consider it their favorite Pixar movie, but most everyone does appear to at least like it a lot.

  3. Yes. “Up” is a little overrated. It’s a great movie, with some wonderful character beats, and it never becomes bad, but the second half is standard kid fare. Dogs in biplanes ruined the luster a bit.

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