5 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Just Can’t Win”

  1. Got to disagree with you there Warpig . Easy choices are plentiful and easy to do these were remarkable because they weren’t. I specially liked the ME1 because it caugth me off guard. It gives meaning it, a tough call from a commander in a military op. Did it not make the game more rmarkable because of it?

  2. In regards to ME1, I’d have to say it didn’t. Mostly because there’s no way to avoid that very situation where you’d have to make a choice. You’re still locked into a path that you couldn’t alter no matter what happens.

  3. Kind of have to agree with Warden. I didn’t play GTA but the rest of these decisions were clear enough for me. Some of them suck, sure, but most didn’t make me hesitate much. The ME choice was the hardest but even that fell into ‘this sucks but I’m going to save one of them’.

    What I didn’t like was the mindscrew ending of Spec Ops. Don’t like being preached at by my games.

  4. If you want to talk about ridiculously easy choices, I have never met ANYONE who decided to kill the little sisters except as an out-of-curiosity thing after beating the game.

    I mean, it promises you that you’re going to be more powerful if you kill the little sisters and then offers you, like, 300 EVE or whatever it was called if you rescue enough. So why would you EVER kill the little sisters? You’d have to be a freaking sociopath.

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