Stealing the Show: Harley Quinn and a Whole Lot More!

All indications are that Margot Robbie, aka Harley Quinn, stole the show in Suicide Squad.

That's her.
That’s her.

Between her devil-may-care attitude, psychotic morals, and… er… colorful looks and accent, she seems to have walked away with every scene she’s in. But she’s not the only one. Many otherwise bit roles have dominated an entire movie.

In fact, CineFix made an entire video, listing ten of them.

Hard to argue with most of those, especially R. Lee Ermy. He just walked on set, brushed aside the actor meant to play the drill sergeant role (who instead appeared as the door gunner), and stole the movie.

And, of course, Alec Baldwin’s turn in Glengarry Glen Ross is pitch perfect. If you gots the balls, it’s not even abuse, just a bracing motivational speech. If you don’t, it’s a perfect illustration of the evils of… something or other. America, probably.

Frankly, they could have booted Mo’nique and Angelina Jolie and give the slots to Hans Landa and the Joker (Christoph Walz and Heath Ledger, respectively). And, though Harley Quinn in no way looks to be as good as those two landmark villains, she still seems to be the best part of a great-looking movie, and probably deserving of a slot in a follow-up list.

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