10 Things Fallout 4 Players HATE!

Far Harbor is going LIVE on the 19th, and to celebrate let’s talk “10 Things Fallout 4 Players HATE”!

TBH, I didn’t dislike most of those things, though a couple are annoying. The biggest annoyance, though, isn’t even mentioned: the constant stream of Radiant procedural quests you get from the Minutemen / “conquered” settlements. I literally had three quests at the same time, all the time. I’d turn one in and Preston would give me another quest seconds later. FFS, Bethesda, can’t we just have a moment of peace?

Maybe if we could go far, far away from the Commonwealth, to a brand new territory where no one knew who I was…


2 thoughts on “10 Things Fallout 4 Players HATE!”

  1. I didn’t find any of that annoying. Of course I don’t save any of my power armor near my settlements. All 3 (so far) of my armors are at home plate with a power armor workstation in the house itself. I don’t even mind the radiant quests as it breaks up the boredom of walking everywhere to do missions (specially if it is a place I’ve yet to explore or discover). The one thing in the video that I laughed about was when they said, “We know it is part of game design” Just to show PHP/MySQL database code….couldn’t they have found a better example of “game code”. Tells you how much I enjoy the game if the only thing I can find to pick about is the videos source code screen shot.

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