Grand Theft Auto Rocks the Rock Songs!

The Grand Theft Auto series is noted for the amazing quality of the songs it licenses for its in-game radio stations, to the extent that—if you have the time—it can be quite entertaining to just drive around and listen to the radio. (Especially in GTA IV, especially if it’s raining.) I, myself have discovered a lot of my favorite tracks through GTA.

In fact, last night I went through and updated my GTA V playlist, and 61 songs in my music library are featured in Rockstar’s latest crime opus, about half of which I first heard whilst recklessly driving about Los Santos. (Worst thing about a traffic accident? Cuts off the music.)

But which GTA songs are the best? Watch Mojo has some ideas.

GTA also sports some really incredible DJ’s, like rocker Kenny Loggins (“Danger Zone”) helming Los Santos Rock Radio, playing all the Classic Rock songs you could ever want, like “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas and “Danger Zone” itself.

Then there’s DJ Cara, of GTA V’s Non-Stop Pop, who I though was just some random Brit radio personality, but turned out to be…

Good show, Rockstar. Good show.

…international ultra-hotty, model, and actress Cara Delevingne.

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