On a Day of an Astoundingly Awesome Captain America, a Totally Terrible Captain America!

Captain America: Civil War doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but it’s already made TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

People are giving ALL THE MONIES to Marvel for this fabulous flick.

In honor of Marvel’s latest smash hit movie, Honest Trailers remembers another Captain America, one that is totally different.

That was bad. Painfully bad. I mean, of course, the annoying “THIS TOTES A VHS RECORDING SEE THE SCAN LINES!”, which is always overdone. Geez, guys, tone it down, will ya?

And, oh yeah, that Captain America movie don’t look so good, neither. Actually, it looks terrible. Terribly terribly terribly terribly terribly terribly terrible.

5 thoughts on “On a Day of an Astoundingly Awesome Captain America, a Totally Terrible Captain America!”

  1. For once Japan got it before you, and I saw it last Friday. It delivers. Don’t bothered with 3D as it adds nothing. I’ll definitely watch it SHS, but in 2D. If you’ve remained spoilerless (like me, natch) then prepare for some big shake ups in the MCU.

  2. I have fond memories of those awful cap movies. I have both on DVD. They were supposed to do a series, but never did. The star, Reb Brown, also starred in a well-loved sci-fi B-movie called “Yor – the hunter from the future”

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