Bats v Supes: The One Good Thing

Let’s pause for a minute and bask in the fact that Gal Godot is unbelievably, insanely gorgeous.

17-gal-gadot.w750.h560.2x (1)

Why do I mention that? Because it’s ALMOST the only good thing about Bats v Supes. As for all the bad…


And they were being NICE. Such a terrible, terrible movie.

4 thoughts on “Bats v Supes: The One Good Thing”

  1. Nearly every suggestion they make, even the tickling one, would have been better than the crapfest that ended up on the screen.

  2. She is pretty. But I’m confused, IMDB – and pretty much everyone else claim she is playing Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman doesn’t wear dried blood brown, and doesn’t carry a sword. WW wears the colors of faith, hope, and sacrifice, and her weapons are a lasso and her words. She also has magic bracelets and doesn’t need a shield.

  3. Depends on which version of WW you’re talking about. Personally, I prefer the sword and shield. The magic bracelets were really silly.

  4. If she can rip anything short of Prometheum with her bare hands, why does she need a sword? If she can take a nuke ICBM to the bracelet and suffer no more than a broken wrist -something Superman can’t do – how often is she going to need a shield?

    In my book Superheroes don’t need swords or guns. I make exceptions. Thor for instance. Punisher does need them. But he isn’t a superhero, he is an antihero.

    Superheroes should inspire the audience. They should be better than we are. They shouldn’t embody all our failings – only magnified. This is why BvS:DoJ is being received like it is.

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