Just In Case You Forgot The Suck: Superman Returns!

I seriously hate this movie. (Other than Kevin Spacey.) I mean, I disliked Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of THIS TITLE IS TOO DAMN LONG, but I HATED this movie.

And for good reason. I mean, it’s just mediocre and awful and awful and mediocre. Plus Brandon Routh just bugs the crap out of me. He ruins everything he’s in.


Yeah, I’m talking about you, pretty boy.

4 thoughts on “Just In Case You Forgot The Suck: Superman Returns!”

  1. Among the many things I hated, the worst was that the city had no personality. In the Spiderman movies you know you are in New York, in Batman you can feel Gotham. Metropolis had no character. The scenes of crowds consisted purely of bland white people displaying no particular emotions. I kept thinking Where the hell are they, Canada? That was before I had ever been to Canada and saw there was actual life up there.

  2. I hated this one too, his smirk when he takes a bullet to the EYE just made me snarl. I honestly was rooting for the bad guys in that fight.

    Spacey was quality, though. Hell of a better Lex Luthor than we’ve gotten in the rest of the movies.

    Oh and the whole flying with an asteroid MADE OF KRYPTONITE…how does that vulnerability work again?


  3. Despite its problems I would still take SR over MOS any day. But, until watching this I hadn’t realized how much it ripped off the original Christopher Reeves films.

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