Nothing Better than a GREAT Shootout!

I’m an action movie fan, and action movies just aren’t action movies without massive, balls-out, awesome gunfights. So here’s 10 of the best.

(WARNING! NSFW because violence. Duh.)

Great list. Although—bite the bullet? Really, guys?

Still not as awesome as the actual movie.
Still not as awesome as the actual scene.

Now, technically speaking I haven’t seen every single shootout in this list. For which, I kind of feel guilty. I mean, they all look AMAZING.

Rest assured, though, I’ve added the movies to my “To-Watch” queue, and will rectify the error as soon as humanly possible.

5 thoughts on “Nothing Better than a GREAT Shootout!”

  1. THAT’S what you went with posting today, Dad? Not like… the top stoner movies?

    (yeah that’s what our local rifftrax/mst3k club is doing tonight, watching reefer madness and some drug psas riffed by the main men)

  2. I have movie envy, Nate.

    I can’t argue with their #1 choice but…gun violence….really? Need to check that PC box for the video to get made? I call shenanigans on the video makers.

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