10 Plot Holes You Probably Missed!

WARNING! NSFW language.

Some of these aren’t actual plot holes, like the Stormtrooper armor thing. Yes, it may be a mistake, but it isn’t a hole in the plot. That is a technical term which involves—and ONLY involves—events in the plot not making sense. It may be a continuity error or a logic fail, but it isn’t a plot hole.

Same goes for the Superman Returns thing. It could be argued as a continuity error (assuming the kinda-sorta semi sequel was intended to strictly follow the earlier continuity, which I don’t think was the case) but it is NOT a plot hole.

The Prometheus thing is an actual, genuine plot hole. Events earlier in the movie make that event inexplicable at best, impossible at worst. (And, contrary to the title of the vid, it’s one I myself caught while watching the film. (Then again, you’d expect that.))

The Matrix thing? Also an actual plot hole. Given the technology as set up, it should have been impossible for him to get into and out of the matrix. A small plot hole, but a real one nonetheless.

YO! YOU ON THE LEFT! Explain yourself, jerk!
YO! YOU ON THE LEFT! Explain yourself, jerk!

Nerds rage a lot, so much so there’s a term for it: nerdrage. Even in the midst of TOTALLY JUSTIFIABLE NERDRAGE, it’s helpful to use the correct terms for the errors of others.

Excessively nitpicky pedants should respect that kind of technical accuracy, especially when demanding it of others, right? Right.

4 thoughts on “10 Plot Holes You Probably Missed!”

  1. For the matrix isn’t it possible he made a program that would handle everything? Possibly taught to him by the agents and then he sat in the chair and plugged himself in then at a predetermined time the program dialed his exit.

    Nothing in the movie says someone has to plug you in or unplug you they just do it because you are disoriented when you exit.

    It’s plausible upon exit he sat in the chair till he got his bearings and removed the spike.

    It’s also plausible that the agents gave him code that would allow him to move his real body.

    It may not be explained in the movie but it’s entirely possible. It’s also unnecessary to show. We don’t need that info.

  2. Let’s see… considering I’ve written on this topic before

    10. Like you said, not a plot hole, an inconsistency. Failed world building there, not a fault in the plot.

    9. Ok… this is… debatable because apparently Superman Return is supposed to go off the Richard DONNER cut of Supes2 not the original. But then that involved time rollback again not the kiss so… you’re right there, continuity error which could be arguably a subset of plot holes.

    8. Some of those aren’t quite plot holes, but character inconcsistencies. The choice they went with is one though.

    7. Definitely plot hole. Oh right I said so back in ’09. ;D

    6. Not a plot hole, character motivation problem again.

    5. Again, not a plot hole, but problems with tech and world building.

    4. That is a bad bit of character motivation, not a strict plot hole.

    3. Not a plot hole as easily enough explained.

    2. Eh… maybe? If it was me I would go with the ship scene in Jurassic Park 2, pretty much THE best example of a plot hole in a film. (how did everyone die on the ship yet have the TRex get stuck below decks?)

    1. Not a plot hole, but – again – bad character motivations.

  3. Actually we do need that info because of the later scene where Cipher attacks the group. If you can self-exit, then the scene shouldn’t be an issue for the redshirts “trapped within” who Cipher kills one by one by forceful eject. Basically you can have one scene or the other.

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