Doctor Strange is Here!

ALMOST. ALMOST here. In a few months. Short, short months.

Well, that’s the trailer for this year’s second Marvel movie: Doctor Strange, starring Benedictine Crumbleditch (who also plays Watson to Bilbo the detective on the BBC’s Bilbo TV series).

Same day they released that STIRRING trailer, Marvel also released this VISUALLY STUNNING poster.



4 thoughts on “Doctor Strange is Here!”

  1. I rather am looking forward to this, since he actually could pull off the look and the mannerisms. It’d be fun to see him and Robert Downey Jr. in a Marvel movie, but I don’t really remember if Strange and Iron Man ever really interacted.

    I also like how he refused to bow to the socjus crybullying about him taking on the role of Khan.

  2. I have high hopes. Even casting T.S. because (1) great actress and (2) she appears to be playing a male-ish being anyway. So we might just get a great tale without having it subverted for our own good.

  3. looks good. But, that poster has started a meme about Cumberbatch never turning to face the camera.

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