Suicide. Squad. Trailer.

Every time I see more of this movie, it just keeps. Looking. Better.

You know, Warners is all panicked because people been dissing Bats v Supes, because it’s so dark and grim. Word is they’re dumping millions on reshoots for Suicide Squad to add some humor, which might possibly ruin a good thing, I was thinking.

Now I’m thinking it could work, so long as the humor is PITCH BLACK.


See what I mean?

3 thoughts on “Suicide. Squad. Trailer.”

  1. Seriously. This is an interesting concept, but it’s not can’t miss. I can think of a ton of ways this can be bad. But the trailers have been getting better and better.

    Kind of like “Captain America: Civil War”. It’s easy to see how it can go bad, but the trailers are making it look so good that I can’t help getting psyched for this!

  2. It has Joker, Harley and Will Smith. I expected dark humor, and the first trailer had a bit.

    I don’t like the Man of Steel/BvS darkness because it’s a cynical Hollywood take on Superman, who is all about being a good guy and bringing hope. I *expect* darkness with something like Suicide Squad.

    It’s baffling to me that they don’t understand this. Not surprising, since Hollywood is a bizarre place, but I keep thinking someone over there might someday understand the material they are working with.

  3. They just don’t get it. I’m expecting Shazaam! to be a joyless slog as well. Even though that one would be so easy to get right. But if they can’t get Superman right, Shazaam! is not going to happen.

    As for this, I still don’t know. It’s very hard to trust DC since the last good superhero they made not involving Nolan came out at the tail end of the 1970s. That’s not something that inspires hope.

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