People are D*cks, and These Games Prove It!

So, I’ve got a good friend whose podcast I occasionally appear on, and he plays The Division. One day, he gets some good stuff in the Dark Zone. At the helicopter pad, another guy joins him. They stare at each other; don’t attack. Everything’s cool.

Two other guys show up. Everybody stares, nobody attacks. They all start shooting at gangsters. THEN…

The other guys says to my friend — call him Canadian Bacon Dude — “Wanna shoot them?” They do, the other guys die, and they loot the bodies. Nice loot, too. Canadian Bacon Dude STILL feels guilty, weeks later.

Moral of the story? Even good people are d*cks online, so NEVER TRUST ANYONE IN AN ONLINE GAME.


2 thoughts on “People are D*cks, and These Games Prove It!”

  1. I don’t believe they are, but anonymity and game systems that reward dickery more than coop bring out their worst. Imagine if everyone who contributed got to choose loot, XP or some other bonus instead of winner take all. It’d be a very different game.

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