Batman vs Superman vs Everybody Else!

Day 6 of Batman v Superman week! And everybody is trying to kill everybody else!

Yeah, that doesn’t look like my kind of game. Not that fighting games are my thing, anyway.

But it sure is “dark” and “violent” and “TOTES EDGY” and all that other stuff Warner Bros seem to love these days!

One thought on “Batman vs Superman vs Everybody Else!”

  1. Yes, it seems dark, and there are a handful of major character deaths (plus a buttload of innocents as part of the setup), but for the most part is really isn’t much more violent than the DCAU or most of the DC dtv animated movies. If you’re just going to brush it off because it looks “edgy”, you’re seriously underestimating this game. It’s similar to “Superman vs the Elite” or “Kingdom Come” in the sense that the dark-and-gritty mood is prevalent, but in the end it is the heroes who embody the classic ideals of being a superhero that win out. So, please give this game a chance, or at least watch the entire storyline cutscene collection on the ‘Tube before passing judgement based on first impressions. Pretty please?

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