Roger Rabbit, So Sinful (Cinema Week, Day 5!)

You gotta admire a guy, so willing to mock himself. : )

BTW, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my all-time favorite movies. Imaginative, well-acted, impeccably directed, funny, and moving. Truly a treat start to finish.

2 thoughts on “Roger Rabbit, So Sinful (Cinema Week, Day 5!)”

  1. …Did he even pay attention?

    1) In the kitchen, if you watch the camera we don’t see 360 of it, instead Roger runs right up and what would be ACROSS the camera lens.

    2) Uh… my grandmother has an old door in her place with a keyhole about that big and a key that actually works it.

    3) Hack-sawing cuffs (which I’ve actually done in real life) – Yes Eddie is doing it totally correct. Otherwise if he just sawed the chain… he would still have the cuffs on his wrists. Then what? Hacksaws don’t cut through metal like… well like a cartoon, it takes a lot of time & effort meaning almost every functional adult can STOP right before it hits their flesh.

    4) A cartoon villain, ACTS like a cartoon villain? Who would have guessed??

    (this is why I’m not much one for the “cinema sins” guy – he wants to be a pedantic asshole? well you better make sure you get the pedantic stuff right)

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