Casting Could-Have-Beens (Cinema Week, Day 3)

The big point I made in yesterday’s post was about casting: Jodie Foster was just RIGHT as Clarice Starling. Sometimes casting goes right, sometimes it goes very wrong. Here’s ScreenRant with Casting Choices that Could Have Been:

I think a Stallone / Schwarzenegger Face/Off could have been brilliant. Released in 1997, Stallone came out with Cop Land that year (a vastly underrated gem) while Schwarzenegger scored a disaster with Batman and Robin. An alternate Face / Off could have rescued the year for both of them.

One thought on “Casting Could-Have-Beens (Cinema Week, Day 3)”

  1. Another Pixar “What could have been” is Billy Crystal as Buzz Lightyear. He turned down the roll flat because he thought the movie would be a flop. After seeing Toy Story in theater he called up John Lasseter and apologies for turning down the role and told him that he would voice any character he offered him in the future. This of course lead to him voicing Mike Wazowski in Monsters INC. Tim Allen owns Buzz Lightyear but it still makes me wonder what Mr Crystal would have brought to the role..

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