Back From the Dead! (Cinema Week, Day 6!)

In Hollywood, careers often die. Not all careers come back… but some do: Top 10 comeback performances!

My favorite, to be honest, is Robert Downey Jr. Yes, he was a cocaine addict, but he is a damn fine actor, and he worked hard to overcome his addiction. His success since Iron Man has been well deserved, and I wish him all the luck in the world.

Roger Rabbit, So Sinful (Cinema Week, Day 5!)

You gotta admire a guy, so willing to mock himself. : )

BTW, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my all-time favorite movies. Imaginative, well-acted, impeccably directed, funny, and moving. Truly a treat start to finish.

Casting Could-Have-Beens (Cinema Week, Day 3)

The big point I made in yesterday’s post was about casting: Jodie Foster was just RIGHT as Clarice Starling. Sometimes casting goes right, sometimes it goes very wrong. Here’s ScreenRant with Casting Choices that Could Have Been:

I think a Stallone / Schwarzenegger Face/Off could have been brilliant. Released in 1997, Stallone came out with Cop Land that year (a vastly underrated gem) while Schwarzenegger scored a disaster with Batman and Robin. An alternate Face / Off could have rescued the year for both of them.