The Oscars in Effect!

It’s Oscar time, and Red Letter Media got some DEFINITE opinions about who should win and who likely will win.

As for me, the only Oscar I even slightly care about is for Best Supporting Actor. Sylvester Stallone should win, but I doubt he will.


Stallone is a vastly underrated talent. According to IMDB…

Sylvester Stallone [was] the third person to be nominated for both acting and writing in the same year, following Charles Chaplin for The Great Dictator and Orson Welles for Citizen Kane.

Rocky, the movie he was nominated for, and which he himself wrote, beat out All the President’s Men, Network, and Taxi Driver for Best Picture in 1977, all of which are certified classics. Since then, he has made movie after great movie, most of which were loved by audiences, if not critics or the Academy.

As an action movie star, he found a lot of popular success, but not respect. His performance in Creed might not have garnered him enough respect for the Academy to forgive him his success, but it was definitely worthy of an award anyway.

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