Video Games That Epically Suck!

(Kinda sorta mildly NSFW because of… look, just wait until you get a break, okay?)

You can quibble about whether or not these are actually the WORST. GAEMZ. EVAR. but lets face it: any other candidate for the title is up against some nearly unbeatable competition, you know?

My only quibble is that the person seemed more offended by the concept of some of the games, rather than the shittiness of the games themselves. Poor showing, that. Even offensive games can be good, and some completely laudable games can be so terrible they make your eyes bleed. Next time, focus on the quality of the game, Games Radar, and not whether or not it offends your sensibilities.

(Except for Custer. Because… HFS!)

(Also, Roman Bellic was in GTA IV, guys. Try to keep up.)

5 thoughts on “Video Games That Epically Suck!”

  1. The problem with videos/lists like these is that the inclusion of Big Rigs, ET and Custer’s Revenge are so predictable. They need to just start by saying “Look, we all know those three were terrible, we’re getting them out of the way, now on to the list!”

  2. I’d like to see ones that seem trolly in their choices but would actually make pretty good cases for their picks. Me, for instance? I’d totally put something like Ocarina of Time in a list of games that epically suck. But for reasons!

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