It’s Oscar Season!

Time to skewer the nominees:

Who am I rooting for… wait, WHO were the nominees again? Fine, let’s go with Fury Road. Because it’ll never win, but WTH.

Also Sylvester Stallone. Because he ALSO won’t win, but definitely deserves to.


Also, Michael B. Jordan was ROBBED.


2 thoughts on “It’s Oscar Season!”

  1. Idris Alba was robbed.
    Michael B. Jordan’s line delivery was dead and wooden. He had one emotion for the whole film. He was fine in the ring but not fine in the dialog. When you get out-acted by Stallone, you’re not best actor material.

  2. Mad Max being nominated is just crazy. Did they have a lapse in judgement where action movies are now suddenly worthy of being called “art”?

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