6 thoughts on “Daredevil Looking Damn Good!”

  1. I’m cautiously optimistic.
    Punisher is my favorite hero but they’ve never gotten him quite right. Most of the comic runs haven’t either, in my opinion.

    I like how they’re highlighting the similarities between P-man and DD. Daredevil’s willingness to maim and torture doesn’t give him a lot of moral high ground over Punisher.

    I hope they keep Punisher as a continuing character, instead of brief morality insert as he’s usually used in the DD comics.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Punisher is getting his own Netflix series after this. Can’t say I’m not interested. Though I still want to know what’s up with Iron Fist already.

  3. Yeah, the Punisher actually makes the same, legitimate points I’ve always made about those heroes who refused to kill villains, namely: Who is that for? Is it to help people? Or, in Matthew’s case, literally to save your soul?

    Because in one very real sense drawing the line at torture IS cowardly. It’s a question I’m really glad Matt is having posed to him.

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