All About XCOM Enemy Unknown!

Great game, though the sectopods were more frustrating than entertaining, requiring you to spec build several characters just to handle them, evidence of a flaw in the design IMHO.

I bought XCOM 2 off Steam, though I haven’t been able to play much of it. I’m hoping it’s as enjoyable or more, and that it doesn’t suffer from the same flaw.


2 thoughts on “All About XCOM Enemy Unknown!”

  1. You can spec your characters to really tear robots a new one. You can also spec your characters so that robots are a liability for the aliens rather than an asset (specialist – haywire ability). You can also spec your characters to suck.

    (If you’re struggling against robots, then research bluescreen ammo and use it.)

    I find that for most classes there is a good tree to follow and a crap tree. (Though for both ranger and grenadier I swapped tree for the last ability. The specialist I was all over the place. Sniper is pure sniper.)

    *** Semi – SPOILER alert****

    A lot of good things with this game. Squaring the circle and making the commander the same commander who failed XCOM1 was not one of them. The story left the same room for a sequel as the first one, though you got a bit more back story from the elders.

    Also, the final battle location was a nice homage to the original XCOM 2.

  2. Bluescreen is an ammo?! Thought it was a grenade! Shoot. Time to research it. I’m loving it, myself. Just gotta spec in shredding armor and blowing them to hell. That’s other way to do it.

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