That One Movie I Really Didn’t Like That You Probably Love

Not a fan.

This isn’t as funny as Honest Trailers usually is, because I really didn’t like the movie. It was visually striking, but the story never clicked. Now I know why: all the characters were assholes.

I just didn’t like them. Main character cheated on a great gal he shouldn’t have been with in the first place (because underage, ewww), with a damaged woman who just wasn’t right for him. It was dark, bohemian, and narcissistic, and millennials don’t need any more examples of that to model their lives after.

Yeah, the fight scenes were cool, and the special effects were incredible, but the characters and situations ruined the rest of the film for me.

4 thoughts on “That One Movie I Really Didn’t Like That You Probably Love”

  1. Nailed it. I was supposed to love this movie but I just couldn’t. Hipster jerks being hipster jerks to each other.

  2. Hipsters and the worst tropes of 90s anime fanfiction, which the comic’s creator was active in. My personal pet peeve was the bass battle. Hint: James Jamerson didn’t use a pick…

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