Plotholes Big Enough To Fly a Starkiller Through!

And “How It Should Have Ended” talks about a few.

My opinion on the flick was this:

It’s a well done but unremarkable sci fi flick that no one would really care about, without the Star Wars name attached. It’ll be mostly forgotten about in a year.

Kind of like Avatar.

2 thoughts on “Plotholes Big Enough To Fly a Starkiller Through!”

  1. It’s… pretty. The science is *really* bad (par for the course, though), the characters are passable (though I can’t stand Darth Emo) and, um… it has John Williams music. The special effects are solid, and there’s nothing really offensive or outstanding. It’s there, it does its job, but it seemed to me to just be treading water. I am biased, though. I liked the EU in the novels up until Vector Prime, and this just doesn’t measure up.

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