5 thoughts on “Did Spectre Really Suck THIS Much?”

  1. Spectre will improve with age. It’s an actors’ Bond which isn’t trying for non-stop action. It also stays true to the less unbelievable action sequences that Craig’s era has had.

    I enjoyed Mission Impossible 5, but there’s nothing else going on in it. It’s a popcorn flick. Same with Kingsman; once the credits roll there’s nothing to talk about. Spectre builds characters with action in the background. I accept his complaints, but it’s like criticizing Star Trek: The Motion Picture for not having enough pew pew phaser fights.

  2. Counterpoint: I thought the scene with the collapsing building was cartoonish and unbelievable. It just seemed fake.

    I’m not saying it was a BAD movie, but it could definitely have been better, IMHO. It squandered great actresses and actors.

  3. Cartoonish? I loved it, but again I can accept that you see it that way. I liked him falling on the sofa with the broken metal piece in his hands, and the way he casually casts it aside.
    I do wish they’d foreshadowed the Spectre ring that he takes from the assassin in the helicopter fight. If it had been mentioned somehow in the meeting before the building blows up it would’ve been more believable that he’d go for it in the middle of all that was going on. It’s such an important plot point but it does come into his possession under unlikely circumstances.
    My main gripe is that it was another Bond on his own mission. I wish previous M had sent the message to new M, but requested him to send Bond because of the foster brother connection. It would’ve been nice to see new M sending Bond on a real mission with the secret purpose of trying to save the service. I’d have liked to have seen the new M / Bond power dynamic around the other way; Bond demanding of M what’s going on.

  4. It’s worse than the video says. I ranted about it at length on my site. It failed to live up to any expectations. It has a few cool scenes early the movie but the last 1/3rd or so is a bad videogame.

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