Calvin and Muad’dib: Ageless Wisdom From The Very Young

Calvin and Muad’dib blends the timeless artwork of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes with the sayings of Muad’Dib of Arrakis, Paul Atreides, the Lisan al-Gaib, the Mahdi from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series.

Like this one on civilization…


And this, on the horror of racial memories…


And last, these three panels depicting probably the most famous quotation from the novel Dune itself.

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More are available in the gallery below, or on the Calvin and Muad’dib webpage At The Link!

So You’re Old… It Doesn’t Mean Your Life is Over

“Top 10 Actors Who Became Famous When They Were Old”

Missing from this list: Wilford Brimley, who was an older gent, a Hollywood horse wrangler, who kind of drifted into bit parts and then was cast in increasingly larger roles, finally breaking through with Cocoon, at the age of 51.

So, if you haven’t hit it big yet, don’t worry. Hard work and luck (which is actually more hard work, in disguise) can see you through, and you can find yourself a middle aged success story.