9 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Owns the Internet!”

  1. Im planning on seeing it, but im worried there wont be anything in the movie that wasnt in the trailers.

  2. EXACT same reaction as you. I went from “Huh, this is a clever concept, and I’ll have to remember to check this out” to “HOLY CRAP THAT TRAILER WAS AMAZING”.

    You’re dead on – the difference between this and the Superman films is that this is clearly designed to be dark. That’s why Marvel’s “Daredevil” is dark and Captain America isn’t: Because Captain America is about that good ol’ American can do attitude getting things done and Daredevil is about a man from a crappy town who grew up with a crappy life trying to fix his town while battling both inner and outer demons (and getting the crap beat out of him in the process).

    “Daredevil” can’t be lighthearted. “Captain America” can’t not be (or at least comparatively so).

    Superman? He’s a similar sort of clean cut all-American like Captain America is, and turning his movie gritty just doesn’t work. Making Batman vs. Superman a serious film just heightens this further. It sounds like one of those old “Godzilla vs. Predator” movies: It’s impossible for me to take seriously. So why are they taking it seriously?

  3. So, the meta-message of this movie is that things are going to hell, and the only ones who are going to save us are the people the current system considers most eeevil.


  4. I’ll be honest.. Margot Robie as Harley Quinn is enough to get me to the movie regardless of how bad it turns out. It looks promising from the trailer, but if they subbed her into 3 hours of a dramatic mid-Elizabethan period piece, I’d still go.

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