Just How Bad Was Episode III?

In honor of the Very Special Episode of Geek Gab: The Force Awakens, we ask: 

Just how bad was Star Wars: Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith?

To answer that burning question, we present three — count ’em, three! — shorts about Episode III.

First, get honest about its flaws with the Honest Trailer!

Second, try to figure out How It Should Have Ended:

Last, a roster of all Lucas’s cinematic sins:

BONUS VIDEO: The epic, Epic, EPIC takedown / autopsy of Episode III by Red Letter Media! NOT TO BE MISSED.

Does The Force Awakens suck as much as any of the prequels? Come listen to Geek Gab for the answer!

5 PM Eastern today!

5 thoughts on “Just How Bad Was Episode III?”

  1. It’s pretty obvious I don’t think much of VII, but III was laughably bad. I was amazed to see quite a few fairly positive reviews for it. I’ll listen to Geek Gab when I can.

  2. Listened to GG. Lots of good points. You don’t expand the saga by slyly retelling the same old story. As you said, if this wasn’t Star Wars it’d be a forgotten SF action movie by next year.

  3. I really liked how in the second article he talks about what a plot hole is so that imbeciles can understand he’s not just ranting, and how he admits his mistakes and incorporates others’ findings into the article.

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